The Project is complex, requiring integrity, strong technical capability and a view to catalysing broad sustainable benefits for the region. Ivanhoe Liberia adopts an approach whereby design begins by taking into consideration local conditions and stakeholders. From this standpoint the design will proceed to the mutual benefit of all stakeholders. Two fundamental aspects to achieve this are seeking to use ‘local content’ in procurement, contracting and employment, and to promote sustainable, strategic and site-specific development activities.

The operations of Ivanhoe Liberia are underpinned by non-negotiable core values and driven by strict governance and ethics. The Company places integrity above all: doing what is right, acting transparently and responsibly, and following through on its commitments. These values are shared with SMFG.

Of particular note is the Company’s fight against corruption and bribery in all their forms so that the people of Liberia enjoy the full benefits of industrial development. Over the last decade, Liberia has made significant progress in improving its performance regarding transparency, good governance and human rights. For example, Liberia has made “meaningful progress” towards meeting the requirements of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, and its good standing is being restored.

Integrity is a fundamental value of Ivanhoe Liberia and the Nimba Iron Ore project more broadly. The Company is genuinely committed to the eradication of bribery and corruption in all its forms. Its approach is set out in the Group’s strict Business Integrity Policy and Anti-Corruption Standard.

Ivanhoe Liberia is in the process of comprehensively adapting and adopting SMFG’s policies, standards and ethics to the specific context of Liberia, while maintaining consistency between itself and SMFG. Central to Ivanhoe Liberia’s operations is strict adherence to Liberian law and regulations.