MONROVIA, REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA, 5th October 2021 – Ivanhoe Liberia Limited is pleased to announce the launch of its website – – explaining who Ivanhoe Liberia is, what it is doing in Liberia and how the company relates to the Nimba Iron Ore Project.

Ivanhoe Liberia Limited (formerly called Euronimba Liberia Limited and set up in May 2012) was created to study, rehabilitate, expand or build from the ground up the rail and port facilities to transport the iron ore to be mined in the Guinean Nimba Mountains to a deep-water port on the Liberian coast, in or near Buchanan. Ivanhoe Liberia is the sister company to the Société des Mines de Fer de Guinée (SMFG), the company studying the development of the iron ore deposits of the Guinean Nimba Mountains (see Currently, the specific institutional and legal arrangements for the expansion and operations of the rail infrastructure from upper Nimba County, Liberia, to a port on the Liberian coast are under negotiation.

Ivanhoe Liberia is looking into other mining opportunities in Liberia, too.

The company opened an office in mid-June 2021 in Monrovia and has senior and administrative staff in post.